Dado de 1000 caras (d1000)


Resultados d1000: 299 (Total = 299)
Total: 299

Resultados anteriores (d1000): 299 → No results

Número de dados a tirar.
Número de caras del dado.
Notación. Ejemplo d6 o d6+2d5+1
  • Basic Rolls: NdM: Roll N dice with M sides. i.e. 3d20 rolls three twenty sided dice.
  • Add Modifiers: 1d20+1 or 1d20-5: Add (or subtract) the indicated amount from the roll
  • Reroll Low Results: 1d20r3: Roll 1d20, but keep re-rolling if the result is 3 or lower.
  • Keep Highest Rolls: 4d6^3: Roll 4d6, but keep only the 3 highest results, discarding the remainder.
  • Keep Lowest Rolls: 4d6v3: Roll 4d6, but keep only the 3 lowest results, discarding the remainder.
  • Note: You cannot have ^ and v in the same roll -- 3d6^1v1 is invalid.
  • Compound Rolls are OK: 3d6-2d6-5+3: Roll 3d6, subtract 2d6, subtract 5, add 3
  • Whitespace is ignored: 1 d 6 and 1d6 are the same thing. '1 d 2 0' will work too, all white space is completely ignored
  • Syntax Errors Any syntax errors cause the entire roll to be considered invalid.

Información dado d1000

El dado d1000 o dado de 1000 caras no tengo ni idea para que puede ser utilizado pero seguro que si lees esto es porque lo necesitas para algo. Gracias! :)

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